Please select a service to make a booking.

Call or Skype

Sixty minutes of chat time via phone or Skype.

(1 hour)
$ 150.00

In Person Session

Meet in my shared office space in Beverly Hills or in a comfortable, public environment for some face-to-face time. Locations restricted to the west Los Angeles area.

(1 hour)
$ 200.00

Wingwoman/Mockdate/Extended Session

Three hours of time together to be your wing woman, mock date or simply have an extensive heart to heart.

(3 hours)
$ 500.00

Couples Class

This sensual but non-sexual experience is designed for couples and lovers of all orientations. Spend a playful and experiential 3 hours with me as I provide you with advice on how to create a seductive environment as well as how to connect with your partner in a sensual but nonsexual way. You’ll go home with goodies to try with each other as well as some ideas, inspiration and techniques that can help you strengthen your bond physically and emotionally.

(3 hours)
$ 500.00

10 Hour Package

Commit to 10 hours together for a discounted rate. This time can be used for phone, Skype or in-person meetings.

(10 hours)
$ 1,750.00